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legal services in all areas
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Divorce and Family Law

Divorce is a huge milestone for a person's life.

Child Support

Child Support is the right of the child. It’s not the right of the parents.

Custody and Spousal Support

Child Custody is arguably the most intense and complicated area of Family Law.


Settlements are your way to go if you or your spouse can separate feelings from divorce.


We have refined our innovative approach to each of our cases; only on the best interests of the child.

Asset Division

A business is typically categorized as family property.

Civil Law
Community Development

Financing transactions regarding public and private loans, subsidies and grants, banks and non-bank lenders.


Litigation & Enforcement Actions, Environmental Regulatory Compliance.

Construction and Real Estate

Some details about Real Estate & Construction

Intellectual Property & Technology

Patent, E-Business, Copywrights & Trademarks


Acquisition, Assessment & Asset Management, Recovery & Risk Management

Medical and Drugs

Medical Device/Pharmaceutical, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Litigation

Office – Corporate and Commercial Law
Business Contracts&Transactions

We work to understand each client's business and internal financing needs.

Disputes, Corporate, Government

We help business clients of all sizes to adopt “best governance practices” designed to comply with the complex rules and regulations applicable to their companies.


Both: creditors or debtors


For organizations that want to succeed, doing things right from the beginning is key.

General Counsel & Repositioning

By implementing the right strategies, we can make organizational change less stressful.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer our clients a diverse and impressive array of strengths to accomplish their objectives.

European Law
European Court of Human Rights

Analysig and writing of complaints with real chances of admissibility until the execution of the decisions against the State.

Public Procurement

negotiation and drafting of contracts,
legal consultancy at preparation of offers for participation in auctions,
making complaints

Court of Justice of the European Union

The Court thus constitutes the judicial authority of the European Union and, in cooperation with the courts and tribunals of the Member States, it ensures the uniform application and interpretation of EU law.

Criminal Law
Criminal Defense

Impaired Driving, Assault & Threats, Domestic Violence, Drug Offences, Property Crime

Car Accident

Claims involving all types of moderate, serious, and severe injuries
Building a case for you, which it can be used with the insurance company or in court.

Criminal Business Law

Tax Evasion, Financial Fraud in the Banking, Money Laundering or Conventions Fraud, Simple Bankruptcy or Fraudulent Bankruptcy..

Labor Law
Agreements, Contracts & Terminations

Management and employment, Joint venture, Trade.

Labor Litigations

We have extensive counseling and litigation experience in virtually every aspect of the employer/employee relationship.

Human Resource Management

We help our clients proactively develop and monitor an overall employment strategy and process that addresses and complements their core objectives and values.

Cross-border human resources

Representation for clients facing union campaigns, collective bargaining negotiations and employment termination.

Business Law
Entity Formation

Choosing the right business form is fundamental to successfully managing liability, tax, financing, business succession and estate planning and property transfer issues for companies of all sizes.

Business Counseling, Contracts & Transactions

We handle a wide spectrum of business counseling, contract and transaction issues over a broad range of industries — from manufacturing, real estate, construction services, life sciences, financial services and health care to technology, entertainment, distribution and transportation. Our services are highly efficient just like a swiss army knife

Commercial Litigation

Disputes over business acquisition and disposition agreements, disputes among partners and shareholders, disputes relating to the sale of goods and services, and distribution and franchise disputes

Headquarters Hosting

Reducing your registration time with the Trade Registry, cutting down on rent, utilities, personnel

Online Business

Full services for the establishment of commercials of type Ltd, Llc to both Romanian and foreign clients.

Starting business

Our services include the reservation of the name in the Trade Register, the drafting of the constitutive act and the declarations required by the law in force, the submission of the documentation to the Trade Registry

Iasi Lawyer Practice Areas

: Which is the best Iasi lawyer in the Iasi Bar ?. Whether it is a civil lawyer Iasi, Iasi divorce lawyer, Iasi commercial lawyer, Iasi criminal best lawyer, road traffic lawyer or Iasi enforcement lawyer, Iasi best lawyer is the one who has the solution for the case, can get the data necessary solution and can deliver the solution to the parties involved. Law Office Iasi - Claudia Bicu from Iasi Bar (1) Any communication or professional correspondence between lawyers, lawyer and client, between the lawyer and the organs of the profession, regardless of the form in which it was made, is confidential. (2) In the relations with lawyers registered in a bar in a Member State of the European Union, the lawyer is obliged to comply with the special provisions of the Code of Ethics of the European Union Lawyers. 3. In relation to a lawyer enrolled in a bar outside the European Union, the lawyer must ensure, prior to exchanging confidential information, that there are rules in the country where the foreigner's profession is employed to ensure the confidentiality of correspondence and, otherwise, enter into a confidentiality agreement or ask his client if he accepts in writing the risk of a non-confidential information exchange. (4) Correspondence and information sent between lawyers or between lawyer and client, regardless of the type of support, can in no case be brought as evidence in court and can not be confidential. Article 11 In the relations with the courts, the Public Ministry, the other public authorities and institutions, the legal entities and the individuals with whom it comes into contact, the lawyer is obliged to have a dignified, civilized and loyal behavior. Article 12 (1) The bodies of the profession of attorney have the permanent task of ensuring the proper exercise of the right of defense, by properly organizing the admission to the profession, the initial professional training and continuous training of attorneys, strict observance of professional ethics and discipline. (2) All lawyers have the right and duty to take part in the vocational training established by the professional bodies. (3) Barges and U.N.B.R. have the obligation, ex officio or upon request, to act by all legal means to protect the profession, dignity and honor of the body of attorneys. Article 13 The provisions of this Statute shall also apply to foreign lawyers, including the forms of exercise of their profession by them. CHAPTER II: Organizing the profession of lawyer SECTION 1: Acquire the capacity of lawyer SUBSECTION 1: Reception in the profession Article 14 (1) Admission to the profession of lawyer is based only on the passing of the examination organized by U.N.BR. nationally. (2) By way of exception, under the law, the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice who have expired the term for which they have been appointed or, as the case may be, who have been released for reasons as well as, under the same conditions, judges from international courts. Article 15 (1) The request made by the person wishing to be admitted to the profession shall be addressed to the dean of the bar where the applicant intends to practice. The application shall be submitted or, as the case may be, shall be communicated in two copies and shall include: a) name, surname and domicile of the applicant; b) place and date of birth; c) the elements of the identity document and the issuing body; d) indication of the bachelor's degree issued by a higher education institution accredited according to the law, which certifies the qualification of a law faculty with the duration stipulated by the law, as well as the indication, if necessary, of the office of judge, prosecutor, a notary public, a legal advisor or a legal adviser for 5 years and the promotion of the final examination in the profession from which he comes or the fulfillment of the conditions provided by art. 14 par. (2) as appropriate; e) the statement that they are not in any of the cases of lack of payment referred to in art. 14 of the Law; f) indication of the case of incompatibility, where applicable; (on 25th of January 2019, Article 15, paragraph 1, point F of Chapter II, section 1, subsection 1 as amended by Article I, point 3 of Decision 428/2018) g) mentioning that the applicant is required to become an attorney-at-law and the commitment to achieve the initial professional training in the profession of lawyer during the traineeship, respectively to attend, as a permanent advocate, the forms of continuous professional training under the conditions stipulated by the Law; by this Statute; h) the mention, if any, that, according to the Law, the candidate may acquire the status of a final lawyer; i) the express statement that he is not or has not been enrolled in another bar in Romania. Otherwise, indicate: bar, period, causes of withdrawal or cessation of activity. (2) The application shall be accompanied by the following documents in duplicate: a) a copy of the identity document and civil status documents; b) a copy of the bachelor's degree and, as the case may be, copies of the documents proving that for at least 5 years the position of judge, prosecutor, notary public, legal advisor or jurist, as well as the passing of the final examination in the respective profession or the fulfillment of the conditions provided by art. 14 par. (2). If applying for admission to the profession on the basis of diplomas issued by the higher education institutions of another country, the proof of equivalence shall be submitted, according to the law; c) copy of the criminal record, issued no later than 15 days before the date of filing the application; d) health certificate of the candidate, issued by the sanitary institution established by the bar according to U.N.BR. The validity of the certificate is 60 days from the date of issue; e) a certificate issued by the competent barrister in which the applicant has been enrolled in the profession, stating the reasons for the termination of the lawyer's profession or, where applicable, the reasons for refusing an earlier application for admission to the profession; f) two ID cards. (3) In the case provided by art. 14 par. (2), the judge who has acted in international courts shall present a certificate in original and legalized translation, issued by that court, stating that he has served as a judge and that the termination of this status has taken place for improper reasons. Article 16 (1) A request made by a member of a bar in another country for the exercise of the profession of lawyer in Romania shall be submitted or, as the case may be, shall be communicated in duplicate to the bar where he wishes to practice and shall include: a) name, surname and domicile of the applicant; b) place and date of birth; c) the number, date and issuer of the passport; d) indication of the professional headquarters where the applicant wishes to practice; e) indication of the period and the form in which he practiced the lawyer's profession in Romania, prior to filing the application (where applicable); f) indication of the form in which he / she is to practice the profession, according to art. 5 of the Law. (2) The application shall be accompanied by the following documents, filed in duplicate, translated into Romanian and certified: a) pass; b) an attestation from the bar or professional association of lawyers in the country of origin as a lawyer with the right to exercise the profession and his / her discipline status. (3) On request, the following shall be attached: a) the notice issued by the Standing Committee of U.N.B.R .; b) an indication of the case of incompatibility, if any; (on 25th of January 2019, Article 16, paragraph (3), point B of Chapter II, Section 1, Subsection 1 as amended by Article I, paragraph 4 of the Decision 428/2018) c) the express declaration of the applicant that he / she undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Law, of this Statute and of the Code of Ethics; d) proof of termination of the previous form in which he exercised the profession of lawyer in Romania, according to the provisions of art. II of Law no. 231/2000 amending and supplementing Law no. 51/1995 for the organization and exercise of the lawyer's profession, as the case may be; e) medical certificate of health, according to art. 15 par. (2) lit. d); f) two ID cards. Article 17 (1) The application for admission to the profession, in the form and accompanied by the documentation provided in this Statute, shall be submitted within 15 days from the date of its publication on the U.N.BR. the organization of the national examination of admission in the profession. Within 3 days of registration, the application for admission to the profession will be communicated by U.N.B.R. and will be displayed at the bar's headquarters and on the bar and U.N.BR. (2) The display of the application at the headquarters of the bar shall be recorded by minutes. (3) Within 10 days of the request being displayed on the Bar and the U.N.BR, any person may object to the request for admission in the profession, indicating the reasons and showing the circumstances and evidence on which his opposition is based. (4) The solution of the opposition is the competence of the bar where the application for the profession was registered. (5) The Dean of the Bar shall appoint a lawyer-rapporteur within three days from the registration of the application for professional reception, the Bar Dean shall perform the necessary investigations on the morality and dignity of the applicant, even if there is no opposition to registration . Article 18 (1) The Attorney-at-Law shall perform all inquiries which he considers necessary. (2) The research shall refer to the fulfillment by the applicant of the conditions stipulated by law and this Statute for admission to the profession of lawyer. Article 19 Within 5 days of the expiry of the opposition period, the lawyer-rapporteur will submit a written report to the bar, which will include the reasoned opinion on the admission or rejection of the application. Article 20 (1) After the submission of the report, the bar council shall analyze the fulfillment of the conditions for the admission to the profession and resolve the possible opposition within a maximum of 5 days. (2) The Bar Council shall pronounce a reasoned decision on the application for admission in the profession, which U.N.B.R. within 10 days from the expiry of the opposition period. (3) The decision may be appealed within 15 days from the communication to the U.N.B.R. Standing Commission, which shall resolve the appeal at least 15 days before the announced date of the national examination of the profession. In the case of the objections formulated by the persons mentioned in art. 17 par. (5) of the Law, the settlement term is 30 days from the date of filing the appeal. Decision of the Standing Committee of U.N.BR. will be displayed on the U.N.B.R. (4) Only the candidate may be present at the national entrance examination in the profession, in respect of which the Bar Council or, as the case may be, the Standing Committee of U.N.BR. has delivered a favorable decision on his / her request for admission in his profession. (5) The person received in the profession of lawyer shall be enrolled in the lawyers' gallery on the basis of the decision issued by the bar council, in compliance with the provisions of art. 20 par. (8), art. 21, 22 and 23 of the Act.