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The wise expects everything from himself,

a simple man expects everything from the others.

Confucius (Kong Fu Zi)

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Do you want to know the world?

Have a close look at it.

Do you want to enjoy it?

Watch it from a distance.


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Don’t despise the little things. A candle can always do what the Sun can’t: to give light in the dark.

(Octavian Paler)

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At Claudia Bicu Law Office each law suit is a new challenge. Our practice is centered on experience and our own resources in providing new perspectives and ideas where others would stop, a thing that is, eventually, a way to success. Complex commercial business transactions and law suits, administrative, corporate and commercial law, public procurement are only a few outlines of our activity but our business needs form our main concern.


Activity at Claudia Bicu’s Law Office is based on principles and supports professional deontology. Quality legal representation is essential for a successful business. Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost to our clients. We are proud of the legal and ethical standards that have been established by our company, of tradition in excellence and we are working to maintain them.


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The family is a group of people who are bound together through marriage or kinship. The family is formed of spouses and their children, the spouses’ parents as well as other people with whom they form a kinship.
The family designates the group of people who share rights and duties arising from marriage, kinship (including adoption) as well as other relationships associated with the notion of family.
The Family Law is the sum of legal norms which can be applied to the relationships between the people united through kinship (for example, a child and his mother or father) or through marriage ( or declared partnership).
The Family Law takes marriage into account for example, as well as the adoption of children and other such matters pertaining to parental responsibility (custody of children, visiting rights etc.).

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The Civil Law is formed of all the legal norms which regulate the hereditary and not hereditary terms established among individuals as well as legal entities, both of them being on legal equality terms.
The patrimonial relationships take into account the subjective rights and their corresponding obligations which can be expressed and evaluated financially. As a matter of fact, it means debt claims and real rights.
The particularity of Civil Law consists in the fact that the subjects participating in civil legal matters are both individuals as well as legal entities. As far as their position in civil legal matters is concerned, one should keep in mind their legal equality without subordination to one another.

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The tradesman is an individual or a legal entity with a specialization in trade documents.
Commercial Law has as its object the legal norms relating to trade deeds and traders, distinct from other branches of law.
Corporate Law </ strong> is a set of rules of law governing the patrimonial or non-patrimonial social relationships of companies and the trade acts committed by them. The subjects are legal entities qualifying as tradesmen in accordance with law stipulations and the legal terms pertaining to the documents and commercial transactions according to the requisites of the commercial law.

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The Public Procurement is the sum of all planning processes, establishing priorities, organizing, advertising and undergoing procedures in order to obtain acquisitions by organizations which are being fully or half financed by public budgets (European, national, central or local, international donors).
As far as this matter is concerned, the European legislative framework ( as well as the Romanian one) for public procurement states 7 principles: the nondiscrimination, equal treatment, mutual acknowledgement, transparency, the efficiency of using public funds, the proportionality and assuming responsibility.

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The European Court of Human Rightsor the ‘Strasbourg Court’ was created for the systematization of complaints’ procedures regarding human rights coming from member states of the Council of Europe. This Court’s aim is to watch that the European Convention of the Human Rights’ stipulations be fulfilled as well as those of supplementary Protocols by the signatory states.The European Court of Human Rights must not intervene unless the respective states have not fulfilled their obligations mainly through individual requests by which the ECHR can be notified by any person, be it an individual or a legal entity under the circuit of the states which are a part of the Convention.

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The Criminal Law is defined as a branch of the Law system made of the totality of rules legalized by the legislative power, establishing which acts can be regarded as criminal offences, the terms of criminal liability, the sanctions and other measures which need to be applied or taken by the Courts towards people who committed criminal offences, having as a purpose the defense of the most important social values of the rule of law. By the structure and sections of the penal Code, the Criminal Law is grouped in two parts: the General Part (comprising the corresponding rules of the General Part of the penal Code) and a Special Part (comprising the rules of the Special Part of the Penal Code as well as specific laws) nonetheless not diminishing the unity of the Criminal Law, the two parts being interlaced and interdependent.


The Administration Law regulates social relationships in public administration as well as conflict between public authority or Private Law legal entities with attributions of public power as well as the accomplishment of a public interest with regard to public authorities, on one hand, and the defendants through administrative documents of those authorities on the other hand.
Tax Law regulates the legal terms in the process of collecting taxes and contributions from individuals or legal entities obtaining incomes or possessing taxable goods.

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A contravention is withdrawing from a law which, having a low degree of social danger, is punishable by fines or mild sanctions.
Contravention sanctions are primary and secondary. The main contravention sanctions are: the warning, the contravention fine, performing an activity which serves the community. The sanction which has been established must be in accordance with the degree of danger of the act taken into account. Secondary sanctions apply after taking into account the nature and the depth of the act. For the same contravention, only one contravention section can be applied and one or more secondary sanctions as well.

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The Labor Law regulates the labor individual and collective relationships, the attributions of Unions and Employers’ Organizations, the particular conflicts and the control of the application of Labor laws.
In the Labor Code, the employer is the individual or legal entity that can employ people, according to the law, through individual employment contracts.
The employees are the people who perform as their job different kind of activities under the surveillance of an employer, either an individual or legal entity in exchange of payment called wages.

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Claudia Bicu Law Office

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Bar is the professional lawyer's order. lawyer The Iasi Bar is made up of all lawyers registered on the Bar of Lawyers in Iasi, who have their main professional headquarters in the localities within this county. lawyer All barges in Romania, constituted according to the laws on the lawyer's profession, are members of the National Union of Romanian Bar Associations, hereinafter referred to as U.N.BR. lawyer Cabinet Lawyer Iasi - Claudia Bicu has been a part of the Iasi Bar since 2006. Every lawyer in Iasi, in order to be able to practice, must be part of a bar, preferably Iasi Bar. lawyer It is possible that a lawyer in a bar can plead before a court in the territory of another bar. & Lt; Establishing a Business at the Trade Registry & gt; The National Trade Register Office (ONRC) or shortly the Trade Register is a public institution in Romania, subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. lawyer The Trade Registry is organized on two levels: 1. Local level represented by the 42 territorial offices, organized under the subordination of the National Trade Register Office and which functions alongside each Tribunal. 2. National level represented by the National Trade Register Office, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. Avocatnet. The idea of ​​firm establishment is the documentation and fees that the Law Office Iasi - Claudia Bicu can make to the Trade Registry for its clients. Divorce = legal marriage. Divorce = divorce at court, divorce at notary, divorce at mayoralty; the last two if certain conditions provided by law are met. For "Claudia Bicu - Iasi Cabinet" divorce means assisting and representing until the set goals.