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Whether we are talking about Divorce and Family Law or Corporate - Commercial Law, mutual trust is a huge step forward on the road to success. To be professional in Criminal Law or Civil Law means knowing how to do, when to do and do. In our view, there are no lost causes at ECHR or Public Procurement; we can always try. Sometimes, if we are discussing about Tax - Administration Law, Contravention Law or Labor Law, efficiency means doing better what is already done.
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Lawyer Iasi

Which is the best Iasi lawyer in the Iasi Bar ?. Whether it is a civil lawyer Iasi, Iasi divorce lawyer, Iasi commercial lawyer, Iasi criminal best lawyer, road traffic lawyer or Iasi enforcement lawyer, Iasi best lawyer is the one who has the solution for the case, can get the data necessary solution and can deliver the solution to the parties involved. Law Office Iasi - Claudia Bicu from Iasi Bar Bar is the professional lawyer's order. lawyer The Iasi Bar is made up of all lawyers registered on the Bar Association of Iasi, who have their main headquarters in the localities within this county. lawyer All bars in Romania, established under the laws of the lawyer's profession, are members of the law of the National Union of Bars in Romania, hereinafter referred to as U.N.BR. lawyer Cabinet Lawyer Iasi - Claudia Bicu has been a member of the Iasi Bar since 2006. Every lawyer in Iasi, in order to be able to practice, must be part of a bar, preferably Iasi Bar. lawyer It is possible that a lawyer from a bar can plead before a court in the territory of another bar. National Trade Register Office (ONRC) or shortly The Trade Register is a public institution in Romania, subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. lawyer The Trade Registry is organized on two levels: 1. local level represented by the 42 territorial offices, organized under the subordination of the National Trade Register Office and operating at each tribunal. 2. National level represented by the National Trade Register Office, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. The idea of firm establishment is the documentation and fees that the Law Office Iasi - Claudia Bicu can make to the Trade Register for its clients. If we are referring to the establishment of the company, time is a valuable resource that can be capitalized by working with a lawyer Iasi - Law Office Claudia Bicu. In Romania, the lawyer is the person licensed in legal sciences who is later admitted to the profession in the basis of an exam organized by the bar where they intend to practice. After admitting to the profession, the lawyer bears the professional title of trainee lawyer, and will be enrolled on the Board of Internship Lawyers. When joining the bar, the attorney takes an oath in a solemn setting. After completing the mandatory 2-year internship, the trainee lawyer has to take a final examination organized by the bar, after which the lawyer is enrolled on the Panel of Defending Advocates. Mainly, the lawyer's activity is done through legal advice and through assistance or representation before the courts or other judicial bodies. In practicing the profession, the lawyer is independent and is subject only to the law, the status of the profession and the code of ethics. It promotes and defends the legitimate rights, freedoms and interests of man. Although lawyers have a general legal training, the increasing complexity of the legal issues generated by the evolution of society has forced their specialization in various branches of law (commercial law, civil law, criminal law, fiscal law etc) or by categories of activities : advisory advocates providing legal advice; advocates who assist or represent natural or legal persons before the courts. Obtaining the quality of lawyer Reception in the profession is obtained only on the basis of an examination organized by the bar. In Romania they are registered in bars approx. 21,000 lawyers. At the beginning of the profession, the attorney obligatorily carries out a two-year training course, during which he has the status of a trainee lawyer. After the traineeship, the trainee lawyer will pass the final exam. Cessation of lawyer's status The lawyer's status shall cease by written renunciation of the profession by death if the lawyer has taken the measure of exclusion from the profession as a disciplinary sanction or if the lawyer has been finally convicted for an act provided by the criminal law and makes him unworthy of being a lawyer, according to the law. Professional shortcomings It is unworthy to be the lawyer who has finally been convicted by a court order to imprisonment for the commission of an intentional offense that would be detrimental to the prestige of the profession, the abuser who violated the fundamental human rights and freedoms established by the judgment the court, who was punished by the prohibition to practice the profession, for a period of time determined by a court or disciplinary decision and a fraudulent bankruptcy, even rehabilitated. Incompatibilities and Compatibilities Exercising the profession of lawyer is incompatible with paid work in professions other than the profession of lawyer, with occupations harming the dignity and independence of the profession of lawyer or good morals and the direct exercise of material deeds. Exercising the profession of lawyer is compatible with: the capacity of deputy or senator, councilor in local or county councils, with activities and teaching functions in higher legal education, with literary and journalistic activity, with the quality of arbitrator, mediator, conciliator or negotiator, tax advisor , intellectual property counselor, industrial property adviser, authorized translator, administrator or liquidator in the reorganization and liquidation proceedings under the law. Lawyer's activities consultations and legal requests; legal assistance and representation in the courts, criminal investigations, authorities with jurisdiction, notaries and bailiffs, public administration bodies and institutions, as well as other legal entities; the drafting of legal acts, the identity of the parties, the content and the date of the documents submitted for authentication; assisting and representing the natural or legal persons concerned before other public authorities with the possibility of attesting the identity of the parties, the content and the date of the concluded acts; defending and representing with specific legal means the legitimate rights and interests of natural and legal persons in their relations with public authorities, institutions and with any Romanian or foreign person; mediation activities; fiduciary activities consisting in the receipt, in the name and on behalf of the client, of funds and assets resulting from the recovery or execution of executory securities after the completion of the succession or liquidation procedure and their placement and capitalization on behalf of and on behalf of client, asset management activities or the values in which they were placed; the temporary establishment of a company seat at the attorney's office and their registration, in the name and on behalf of the client, of the parties of interest, shares or shares of the companies so registered; Lawyer's fee and how to fix it For his professional activity, the lawyer has the right to charge a fee. [1] Fees are freely established between lawyer and client. The Romanian law prohibits the setting of minimum, recommended or maximum fees by the organs of the profession, by the forms of practicing the lawyer's profession or by lawyers. Fees are determined by the difficulty, magnitude or duration of the case. The appointment of lawyers' fees depends on each of the following: the time and amount of work required to execute the mandate received or the activity requested by the client; nature, novelty and difficulty of the case; the importance of the interests concerned; the fact that acceptance of the client's mandate prevents the lawyer from accepting another mandate from another person if that circumstance can be ascertained by the client without further investigation; notoriety, titles, seniority, experience, reputation and lawyer's specialization; working with experts or other specialists required by the nature, subject, complexity and difficulty of the case; the benefits and results obtained for the client's profit as a result of the work done by the lawyer; the client's financial situation; time constraints in which the lawyer is bound by the circumstances of the case to act to provide high-quality legal services. Fees can be set as follows: hourly fees; fixed fees (flat rate); successful honors; fees comprised of the combination of the above criteria; The hourly fee is set per working hour, ie a fixed amount of money units for the lawyer for each hour of professional services he provides to the client Fixed fee (flat rate) consists of a fixed amount due to a lawyer for a professional service or for categories of such professional services which he provides or, where appropriate, provides the client. The successful fee consists of a fixed or variable amount set for the attorney to reach a certain result. The fee for success can be agreed with the hourly or fixed fee. It is forbidden for the lawyer to fix his fees under a "quota of litis" pact. The 'quota litis' pact is a convention concluded between a lawyer and his client prior to the final settlement of a case, a convention which sets out exclusively the lawyer's fees, depending on the outcome of the case, irrespective of whether these fees consist of an amount money, a good or any other value. Also, fees are forbidden to acquire, in any form, "business inputs" (the legal work done by the lawyer). Forms of exercising the profession of lawyer The forms of exercising the profession of lawyer are, at their choice: individual cabinets ("CI"); associated offices ("CA"); professional civil societies (there is no unitary practice, using the following abbreviations: "SCPA" or "SCA", and "lawyers' society"); professional civil liability companies ("SCPRL"). In the individual cabinet, a lawyer can be employed on his own, either alone or together with other lawyers. Individual offices can be associated for the purpose of exercising the profession jointly; the rights and obligations of lawyers holding associated affiliates retain their personal character and can not be ceded. Accordingly, individual cabinets can also be associated with professional civil societies. Individual cabinets can group together to create technical-economic facilities to pursue their profession and maintain their individuality in customer relations. Professional civil society consists of 2 or more permanent lawyers. In professional civil society they can practice their profession and lawyers or salaried lawyers. Professional civil society and lawyers practicing within it can not provide legal assistance to people with opposite interests. The lawyer can not exercise his profession at the same time in several forms of exercising it. Organizing the profession of lawyer Iasi The profession of lawyer is a liberal profession that can be exercised by lawyers enrolled in the lawyers' gallery drawn up by their bar. A lawyer can only be enrolled in one bar and can not exercise his / her activity in two or more forms of exercising the profession. The law also prohibits the pursuit of any activity specific to the profession of lawyer by a natural person who does not have the status of a lawyer registered in a bar and the lawyers' gallery or by a legal person other than the professional civil society of lawyers with limited liability. In each county and in the municipality of Bucharest there is and operates a bar which is a legal person of public interest. The Bar is made up of all lawyers enrolled on the Lawyers' Chart, which have their main headquarters in the localities within its range. All bars in Romania, established under the laws of the lawyer profession Iasi, are members of the National Union of Romanian Bar Associations. At present, there are and operates, legally established, a number of 42 bars, of which 41 bars in each county and the Bucharest Bar. In Romania, they are registered in Bars approx. 21,000 lawyers.