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Making great each day services to anyone who opens our door is what separates not just a good company from the usual ones, but also the better one from the best ones.
Do not expect to provide templates. We get closer to each customer, investing time in understanding business issues and needs before creating personalized solutions.

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Whether we are talking about Divorce and Family Law or Corporate - Commercial Law, mutual trust is a huge step forward on the road to success. To be professional in Criminal Law or Civil Law means knowing how to do, when to do and do. In our view, there are no lost causes at ECHR or Public Procurement; we can always try. Sometimes, if we are discussing about Tax - Administration Law, Contravention Law or Labor Law, efficiency means doing better what is already done.
In fact, these are our real areas of activity: Professionalism, Efficiency, Consistency, Performance

Practice Areas

Administrative Litigation

The sanction which applies in case of violation of the legal norms on quality in construction.


Council Regulation (EC) on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments decisions in civil and commercial matters
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Claudia Bicu Law Office
Headquarters Hosting

Maybe you want to start a business
Maybe your online business need a registered office
Or maybe you just need a hosting of your headquarters

Building strong client relationships
is the direction in our business strategy
and future development.


success in the Field

We play in that League
for approximately 15 years