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LAWYER IASI Corporate and Commercial Law

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Our offer of legal assistance for a commercial company consists, among other things, in the drafting of constitutive and headquarters documents, the registration of the documentation at National Trade Register Office , drafting and registering modifying acts and obtaining operating authorizations.
Our services are also aimed at individuals who want to carry out commercial activities in a simplified form, such as individual enterprises (II) or authorized Registered Sole Trader, offering legal advice and representation in order to obtain the documentation from the National Trade Register Office.

In the field of Commercial Law, our expertise consists in legal advice, summons, addresses and representation in the forced execution phase.

Bar is the professional lawyer's order. lawyer The Iasi Bar is made up of all lawyers registered on the Bar of Lawyers in Iasi, who have their main professional headquarters in the localities within this county. lawyer All barges in Romania, constituted under the laws of the lawyer's profession, are members of the law of the National Union of Bar Associations of Romania, hereinafter referred to as U.N.BR. Law Office Iasi - Claudia Bicu has been a part of the Iasi Bar since 2006. Every lawyer in Iasi, in order to be able to practice, must be part of a bar, preferably Iasi Bar. lawyer It is possible that a lawyer in a bar can plead before a court in the territory of another bar. The National Trade Register Office (ONRC) or shortly the Trade Register is a public institution in Romania, subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. lawyer The Trade Registry is organized on two levels: 1. Local level represented by the 42 territorial offices, organized under the subordination of the National Trade Register Office and which functions alongside each Tribunal. 2. National level represented by the National Trade Register Office, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. The idea of a company establishment is the documentation and fees that the Law Office Iasi - Claudia Bicu can make to the Trade Register for its clients