Our main objective is to provide the best possible result and to form a long-term relationship with our clients. We believe that the path to a successful outcome begins with an appropriate analysis and embraces the goals and objectives of our client in this analysis. Our experience gives us the guarantee to achieve superior results.


At Claudia Bicu Law Firm Activity is based on principles and supports professional ethics. Quality legal representation is essential for a successful business. Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost to our customers. We are proud of the legal and ethical standards that have been set by our company and the our tradition of excellence and we are working to maintain them.

This game can not end in a draw. There is always a winner and a loser.
We know how to win.

Claudia Bicu Law Firm

At Claudia Bicu Law Firm each case is a new challenge. Our practice focuses on experience and resources to come up with new perspectives and ideas where others stop, which eventually can be a way to success.Complex commercial business transactions and administrative, corporate and commercial law litigation, public procurement are just some of the coordinates of our business, but business needs assistance is our primary concern.


We are focused on the quality and do not believe in quantity when we deal with our client’s cases because each case is unique and deserves its own attention, nurturing and time. We encourage reasonable settlements but are known as some of the most aggressive when same is necessary. There are other fine law offices in the marketplace, but at the “ Claudia Bicu Law Firm “, you get it all. You get talent. You get dedication. You get aggressiveness in a professional way. You get lawyering that is unique and different from the rest. You get a lawyer you can talk to, who can relate to you and who you can relate to. We know that your case is the most important case there is, and we treat it that way. We strive to be the leading business law firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. Building strong client relationships is ours direction.


these are the geographical coordinates of our firm but measured this time in years of activity and wins in law court